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Dear Sir,

I take the opportunity of requesting for your Who-s-Who details with your photograph for placing in the list of Selected 500 Persons of Poultry Industry.

This listing is exclusively for CEOs, Heads of Institutions, eminent scientists and proprietors of leading business houses.

This selected listing of 500 persons will be in the Directory of Prominent Persons of Poultry Industry which is an Integral part of our forth coming issue of Poultry Year Book-2017.

This listing though is not chargeable but we need your support by way of your order of Poultry Year Book, a Set of 2 books available to our readers with Data CD. (Which any way you will like to have for your reference and record.)

To justify your advance order for book we will provide you a Paid Listing Free in Poultry Market section on website (Otherwise costing Rs.7500).

Thanking you for your contribution to poultry industry and being a part of our Directory Of Prominent Persons of Poultry Industry.

With regards

For Sadana Publishers and Distributors

Dr. Vijay Sadana

(Editor and Co-publisher)


  • Poultry in India is a more than 50,000 Crores industry which is providing employment opportunities to unlimited number of persons in our country. Besides it provides the most needed nutrients and is a unique source of complete food at the cheapest price for fighting malnutrition in our country.